Here is a guide to having the best time at clubs without spending a lot of money:

1. Have pre-drinks

If you’re going out clubbing, the trick is to start your night with a few alcoholic beverages. Enough for the bouncers to allow you to enter the club. The theory is that when you arrive at the club you are already half drunk.

The goal?

You won’t spend as much money buying drinks.

Did you know?

South Africa is the third biggest drinking nation in Africa, and the 19th biggest drinking nation in the world, tied with Poland.

2. Buy munchies in advance

Do you have a guilty pleasure of resorting to ‘munchies’ when you are drunk?

Buying a juicy steak at 3 am on your way back home might sound sensible but trust us, in the morning your bank account might not be as impressed.

Before you go out, make sure that you eat a proper meal. Make sure that you leave a prepared meal behind so upon your return there’s something you can immediately tuck into.

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3. Go to the club early

Most clubs charge an entry fee from 10 pm. Avoid this fee by turning up earlier. This is also a great way to pick your ‘best spot’ before the club gets packed.


4. Be a faux celeb and get on the guest list

It’s time to gain those followers on Instagram. Being a social media influencer has its perks. Communicate with club owners and request free VIP treatment.

In return, you organise a crew of social media influencers who will then market the club on their social media platforms. The intention is that people attend and return. This will increase the club’s sales and brand exposure.


5. Have a night out budget

The word ‘budget’ doesn’t need to scare you off. It simply means that you should allocate an amount of money that you are willing to spend on a night out. Taking physical cash is not advisable due to theft, however, carry your bank card.

Make sure that it has a specific limit including enough for ‘Uber money’ back. Also make sure your mobile banking is working, so that after you swipe- you always check if you are close to reaching your maximum spending amount and that your ‘Uber money’ is left.


6. Remember Rounds Wastes Rands

We all want to be that person in the club that buys everyone a round of shots, don’t we? However please don’t try this in a club because you will go home with R0.00 in your bank account. Admit it, you don’t have a party budget like Queen B because if you did, you wouldn’t need to read this guide.

For males, remember what Miss Botja advised? “Don’t buy alcohol for girls”.


7. Party during happy hours

We all want to go out during the weekend. Check out the happy hour weekly specials at bars/ clubs and party when drinks are half-priced rather than spending all your money partying during the weekend.


8. Share Uber costs with friends

We do not condone drinking and driving. We recommend that you use Uber as your transport option to get back home safely. Uber lets you request door-to-door transportation at the tap of a button in 630+ cities worldwide.

Although Uber is usually safe, it is also expensive, especially during peak time. Rather go out with your friends and split the Uber costs. A great idea would also be for the crew to crash over for the night at a friend’s house that lives closer to the nightclubs. This will minimize Uber costs and is also a great way to ensure everyone’s safety.


Please remember this: South Africa has been highlighted as the worst country in the world for drunk driving, where as much as 58% of deaths on SA roads can be attributed to alcohol consumption. Be safe and responsible!

9. Buy alcohol in jars

Instead of buying cocktails rather buy alcohol jars (such as sangria or jam jars) to share with friends. Not only will you share alcohol but the costs as well. If you are into beer don’t buy bottles/cans because it is more expensive. Rather buy beer on tap as you get more for the cost.


Did you know?

Among the drinking population (excluding abstainers), South Africans consume in the region of 27 litres of pure alcohol per capita per year, one of the highest rates in the world.

10. Mix with water

For every alcoholic drink you have, always follow it with a glass of water. The idea is to fill your stomach with water so that there won’t be any room for alcohol.

Tip: When you ask for water make sure to clarify that you’d like tap water (because it’s FREE).


Did you know?

South Africa’s average alcohol consumption is almost double the WHO African region average of 6 litres, and is expected to increase to 12.1 in 2025.

11. Make friends with the staff

At the end of the day, you go to a club for the vibe and to make friends. So why not just dump your broke friends and make friends with people that matter? Jokes! (:

Attend one club more than once and start being nice to the bartenders, bouncers and managers. This way whenever you don’t have an entry fee or just need a free round of shots, they will always remember your kindness and reward you accordingly.

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