Applying foundation should be easy!

Foundation hides any imperfections and gives us a blank canvas to work from, but often women make mistakes when applying it.

These are our top 5  tips and tricks on how to apply your foundation effortlessly.

1 Skipping primer

Primer is truly magic in a bottle. It keeps your makeup lasting and some primers have the function of smoothing fine lines and wrinkles like our AA anti age primer, some work for oily skin like our Hean oil free or the AA anti shine primers. Some even corrects redness like the AA anti redness primer! its a step that you need, to keep your makeup on and it makes your foundation work better.

2 Blending foundation upwards 

We all have fine hairs on the face, sometimes barely noticeable to the naked eye. To avoid highlighting or making those hairs stand out more, you must not blend foundation upwards, as this will catch onto those hairs and make them more visible. you want to always blend downwards and conceal them and create a more flawless and less patchy look.

3 Using your makeup sponge dry

Not wetting your sponge and using it damp will allow the sponge to suck up more product than it needs to, and this will lead to product being wasted. wet your sponge by running it under water, squeeze out the excess, then put into a towel and squeeze again. Your sponge is now ready to use!

4 Coating your entire face with foundation 

Less is always more! Start off with less foundation and then add some more. Don’t go smearing tons of foundation on and saturating your brush or sponge in the product. You will end up looking cakey. Rather dot a few spots and then blend it out. If you feel you need to add more, then by all means, do so.

5 Not blending into your neck

Oh, the dreaded mask effect. This happens when you only apply foundation to the face and do not blend down the jawline and onto the neck. Once your foundation dries, it tends to change color a tiny bit and this is why you see the two tone or what we call the ‘mask’ effect. Always blend down onto the neck for a seamless finish.

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AUTHOR: Gael Baines, Glamore Cosmetics


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