Based in Cape Town, Lipstick Lifestyle is a beauty and lifestyle blog, written by Lisa Fortuin.

During the day Lisa works as a PR practitioner and in her spare time she likes to spill the beans on all things new, fun and exciting in the beauty industry.

So, when did you fall in love with make up?

I first started using make up, when I was around 14 old while I started breaking out with pimples. I used to steal my mom’s concealer and use it as foundation.


What is going to be some of the hottest make up trends for spring/summer?

I feel like contouring will make a comeback now that Kim Kardashian has released her contour kits. This summer I am going to experiment with colour. Think blue eye shadow at the beach or bright pink lipstick while sipping on a strawberry daiquiri.

I want to know… what is ALWAYS in your handbag?

There are some essentials that I can leave the house without:

  • Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.
  • Mac lip liner in the shade ‘Half-Red’
  • Essence Cosmetics liquid ink eyeliner
  • Mascara! I always do my mascara in the car.

What has been one of your career highlights?

It’s a difficult choice between winning an award at the SA Beauty Blogger Awards and being selected as the Rimmel London #LondonLookSA winner where I got the chance to go to London and meet Rita Ora.


Lisa Fortuin

Go ahead, tell me makeup isn’t art.

lisa-mari fortuin

Which make up trend do you wish could disappear forever?

I’ve always thought doing fake freckles over a full glam makeup look doesn’t look right. Freckles are natural so doing fake freckles work with a light and natural makeup look, but I wish the trend of doing fake freckles over a heavy contour, powder and concealer would end – it just doesn’t make sense.

What is your daily skin care routine? 

I keep it simple, because I have sensitive skin. In the morning I was my face with Dove soap and moisturize with Nivea face cream. In the evenings I use coconut oil and baby wipes to remove my makeup and then I moisturize again.

How do you prep your face for makeup? 

I use the good old trick from @nikkietutorials, and prep with Nivea Sensitive aftershave for men – the aftershave is high in Glycerin which helps your makeup stick to your skin and last all day.

What facial moisturizer do you recommend? 

My top favourites would be between Nivea Soft face cream and Lipidol face oil (a light amount for when my skin is really dry).


How often do you clean your makeup brushes? 

At least once every two weeks (I know, I need to get better at washing them more regularly).

Who taught you to put on makeup? 

Youtube! My top favourite youtubers have got to be Patrick Starrr, Desi Perkins, Lustre Lux (Katy), and Chrisspy.

How long do you take to get ready in the morning?

For work, not that long, maybe just over half an hour. For work makeup I usually just do foundation and brows with a little bit of mascara,but getting ready for events takes much longer and I usually budget around an hour just for hair and makeup.

Who are your favourite African beauty bloggers on Instagram?

Nyma Tang, Nyane Lebajoa and from Cape Town I’d say Miss Paula Bee.

Have you ever rocked a Magenta colour lippie?

Yes I have, and recently as well! I was playing around with colours and came up with this look.

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