Ice, ice Behati!
Behati Prinsloo rubs an ice cube across her face every morning to reduce the appearance of a puffy face.

The 28-year-old model has revealed she will often run a small block of frozen water under her eyes to “de-puff” her face when she wakes up, and she has had it “ingrained” into her from an early age to war suncream.

Speaking about her beauty hacks to PEOPLE, the catwalk icon said: “I’ll take an ice cube in the morning when I wake up and just run it across my face, and it really wakes you up and it makes your skin feels better, and it de-puffs.

“My mom always ingrained sunblock into my routine as a child because I grew up in Africa, and the sun is so intense there. That’s not a secret, but it’s something that I think if I haven’t used all through my youth, I would’ve seen the effects by now.”
And Behati – who is the face of skincare company SK-II – has revealed her husband Adam Levine often steals her moisturiser or face masks, although she will happily wear his deodorant if she cannot find her own.

The fashion muse explained: “When I can’t find my deodorant, I usually use his, and then smell like a guy the whole day. He will always steal my moisturiser because he’s such a dude – he never has his own. So he’ll just take my moisturiser, or if I have a mask on and he thinks it’s funny, he’ll ask me to put it on him, too.”

And Behati, who has 10-month-old daughter dusty with the Maroon 5 band member, has revealed she is still “getting used to” motherhood, but is enjoying the journey.

She explained: “I’ve been gone for a while getting used to being a mother. It has been an amazing journey so far.”

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