Because happiness and style are not body specific.

Georgia Gibbs & Kate Wasley are best friends, models and founders of body positive movement, Any BODY.

After posting a photo together online they were judged, compared and criticized. Now, they are #bodypositive influencers and the stars of Cotton On BODY‘s new campaign.



Tell us about Anybody Co… Why did you create Anybody Co.? It was actually a really organic project that started from a beautiful friendship that Kate and I have. What was most shocking when we would post photos together, instead of people seeing that beautiful friendship and how much we love being in each other’s company, people would directly jump to our differences. So they would jump to our body shapes, or the size of our jeans instead of just appreciating a beautiful friendship and I think that’s what really sparked the creation of Any BODY.

When you first posted a photo of you two standing together on Instagram, what reaction did you get? What were some of the negative comments you got? When I posted a photo of Kate and I on my social media account it was actually just us two out having a drink on the weekend, in Sydney. I guess the response we got was quite shocking instead of positive it was just a lot of people criticizing both myself and Kate. Accusing me of photoshopping myself thinner or photoshopping my friend bigger, which of course that hits you really hard, it’s not a nice thing to read.

How did you react when Khloe Kardashian reposted your story? She is definitely very influential so I think someone preaching our message is really, really amazing. I mean she has spoken a lot of times about the body image issues she has faced herself.

Actually, when I was 17 I was told “Georgia you’re never going to be successful because you’re not the wrong size, you’re the wrong body shape”.

What did you love about Cotton On BODYKate and I were saying we absolutely are obsessed with the colours, the cuts are also really flattering on both of our body shapes which is so nice to see as well. A variety of prints too is always good to mix things up.

Georgia, which style was your favourite? My favourite style would have to be the high waisted pink brief; I think it looked equally as flattering on Kate and I. We both felt equally as comfortable in it, I think it’s a really good suit for all women to chuck on and feel great.

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What does empowerment mean to you? Empowerment for me means, being a woman and being proud in your skin. Whether you have different insecurities, whether it’s your hair or a feature that makes you feel insecure, your body or your shape or your size.

What women inspire you? Obviously, there are a lot of celebrities that I take a lot of inspiration from. I think Iskra and Ashley Graham are doing amazing things for body image; especially on social media, which is so great to see. But I actually take a lot of my inspiration from people close to me.


What’s your positive body message. Just quit the comparisons really. Try not to compare yourself to the next person because you can only ever be you really.

When it comes to size standards, what do you believe? We believe there is no size standard for today’s modern woman and that healthy comes in all shapes and sizes.

How did you react when Khloe Kardashian reposted your story? Ummm, freaked out, haha! I was basically on the phone to Georgia as soon as I saw it. It was actually one of my friends from London that sent it to me first and was like “OH MY WORD, have you seen this?” and I was like “WHAT!!” and sent it straight to Georgia.

How do you both keep happy & healthy? Physically I love going for walks, I love boxing, and I love lifting weights as well. Keeping a balanced lifestyle, I find, is really good as well. I don’t count calories; I find that’s a pretty dangerous cycle to get into. Make healthy decisions and keep active.

What’s your hope for the future in the modelling industry? I just hope that more girls in a variety of different shapes and sizes, that different genders and races are used in advertising and together.

What’s your message to young girls growing up in the world of social media? Don’t compare yourself to the girl you see on the screen because there are that many tools for editing, they’re getting really sneaky. You can’t compare yourself and always stay true to yourself.

What did you love about Cotton On BODYThe colours! I’ve been saying all day, I’m so obsessed with the colours of them. Especially the pinky-purple ones, they are just so gorgeous.

Which style was your favourite? I liked the green bikini with the tie bottoms – the adjustable ones. They are definitely my favourite because you can kind of wear them higher than your hips or as hipsters. They are always great cos you can just adjust them to you.

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Best advice you have ever been given? Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.

What does empowerment mean to you? That’s a big question. Just really being myself and really just not worrying about what other people think. I find I’m in a space now where I just, I don’t think it matters what anyone thinks of you. As long as you’re happy and you’re being true to yourself.

One cause close to your heart? Body image definitely, I just think it’s so important that young girls (especially) are growing up in a world where all body types are accepted.



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