South African TV-presenter and model Mishka Patel shares her best fitness and die tips with us.

How many times do you work out per week? I try to work out roughly 4-5 times a week. Sometimes 6 times.

Favourite exercise OR workout? I would definitely running and HIIT training, I also do a Bodytec session once a week.

Is there a workout  you would love to try? Crossfit. It looks insane and it seems like a very good workout. Doing a lot of HIIT training and S.W.E.A.T 1000, it doesn’t seem like too much of a challenge, but I am definitely keen to try it.

Do you follow a strict diet and do you ever allow space for a cheat meal.. if so, what?  I always allow space for a cheat meal. I believe in living a well balanced lifestyle, so I try to feed my body with the nutrients it needs, but I always make time for a cheat meal on weekends. A burger or sushi or a BIG slice of chocolate cake do the trick, always!

What is your secret to having body confidence? I simply embrace my flaws. I know what works for my body and what doesn’t. I also know what to focus on more during training. I believe it’s all about loving yourself, challenging your body during training and improving daily.

Craziest fitness/diet trend you’ve ever tried? I have never gone overboard when it comes to my diet, but I know of some of people who have tried a thing called the ‘baby food diet’ – I mean seriously? (laughs out loud)

What is your biggest #FITSPO tip for our readers? A good juice detox is the ultimate life changer. Sometimes when my cheat meals lasted more than a day or 5, I cleanse my body with a good 5 or 7 day Juice Revolution Cleanse. It is detoxifying and puts you back on track!

The sports luxe fashion trend is huge! Do you dress up for the gym or like to wear your fitness wear out on the street? Both. I am in love with Russell Athletic. It is comfortable, trendy and sexy all at once.

Favourite fit brands? Russell Athletic for sure. You can wear it to the gym, dress it up as a sports luxe look by adding a pair of heels. I love that you can dress the look up or down. You can pair baggy tracksuit pants with a high heel and take it from street style to nightlife in a second.

What is your favourite summer foods? My Juice Revolution on-the-go meal replacement smoothies and Juices are always with me! I also love a good fruit salad or green salad in summer.

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AUTHOR: Annette de Wet


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