What about scent?

Whether you’re trying to squeeze your favourite fragrance in your clutch bag for a night out, or heading off on holiday, there is a solution.

Fragrance wipes, scented wax, and plenty of other new products will keep you smelling sweet on the go. But will they last all day?

Perfume expert Angela Stavrevska gives her verdict…



A foil sachet containing eau de Cologne, produced in the German city since 1799 and is therefore allowed to use the word ‘Original’.

The sachet contains a tissue soaked in the refreshing scent — a mix of bergamot, orange, lemon and lavender — that can be dabbed on pulse points. There is still a faint scent after three hours. The little pouches also slip into the smallest of handbags.

There are other scented tissue options; including L’Occitane Verbena Refreshing Towelettes which are both biodegradable and lightly perfume the hands and body.

ANGELA SAYS: Due to the nature of wipes, the fragrance will probably be formulated slightly differently to the normal eau de cologne, meaning die-hard fans could notice a slight difference in smell.

It’s a great idea for hot days as it’s refreshing to use, but, personally, I don’t like the idea of having perfume on my hands, which can’t be avoided with this type of product.



WHAT IS IT? A pretty, stainless steel bracelet with attached, flat silvery locket (like a watch) which opens so you can pop in special felt discs that you soak in essential oils or scent.

It gently wafts the perfume around as I move my arm, and comes with different coloured felts, so you can match the bangle to your outfit.

I sprayed my perfume onto the felt and it smelt almost as strong 24 hours later.

The scent remains for days on the fabric but once totally dry it can not be transferred onto skin.

ANGELA SAYS: Our skin is complex, layered and absorbent, which is why it holds onto fragrance for a long time, and body heat helps the smell emanate. The felt in the bangle is even more absorbent than skin so you can add more fragrance.

Also, it won’t be as warm as skin so will slow down the evaporation rate of the fragrance. Both of these aspects ensure the fragrance lasts longer.

However, because it is worn in such a small area, it’s very much for the wearer to enjoy, rather than others.


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WHAT IS IT? A solid stick of perfume, with a basis of beeswax and candelilla wax. Unscrew the lid and rub it gently over skin to moisturise as well as applying the light fragrance of gardenia, jasmine, mandarin and white pepper.

It has a divinely musty smell and lasts for hours. Not only does it slot into a handbag, but is ideal if you’re going on a plane as there’s no risk of spillage.

ANGELA SAYS: Wax can be quite a difficult thing for fragrance to release from. It may hold onto some larger molecules, such as base notes, so again, this could skew the fragrance a little.

Great for travelling and fun to use, but waxes can get a bit sweaty and leaky over time. I’d be careful what handbag I put it into.



WHAT IS IT? A chunky crayon (above) with a gel-like texture that you draw onto the wrists and neck to apply the fragrance. There are three scents available — Mugler’s classic Alien, along with Angel and Aura.

Alien has an oriental scent, with notes of jasmine and white amber. The lid fits tightly and there’s no chance of it leaking. Simply twist up from the bottom to release more fragrance.

ANGELA SAYS: This is a great travel option for those who already wear the fragrance. But again, translating the scent into the gel crayon may alter the smell slightly from the original.



WHAT IS IT? Many companies are now selling sample sizes of your favourite perfumes in teeny plastic bottles. You can buy one millilitre of such divinely high-end perfumes as Tom Ford and Creed which is enough for a weekend away.

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ANGELA SAYS: Not only is this great to pack, you don’t have to actually do the, often messy decanting yourself. And these websites are great if you love perfume but can’t afford to buy lots of full-size bottles.


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WHAT IS IT? This perfectly purse-sized vial of perfume is available in three scents including Dark Rum and Petitgrain. Pulse points are the perfect place to apply perfume, as your body heat makes it smell more intense.

Just one roll on my left wrist, a press together of both wrists, and I can smell the scent all  afternoon.

ANGELA SAYS: Oil formulations are a bit like wax options, they will tend to skew the fragrance character a tad. But this one is nearly as good as the original. However, beware leakage with roll-ons.


* Angela Stavrevska is UK Creative Director and Perfumer at CPL Aromas

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