As Olympic sportsmen, the coxless pair of Lawrence Brittain, 26, and Shaun Keeling, 30, know what it takes to excel in the competitive world of rowing.

As a cancer survivor, Brittain also knows what it takes to beat the odds. These two philosophies are intertwined, and reveal the same underlying truth – an unwavering need to be better than yesterday, and a fighting spirit that is second-to-none.

Brittain proved this when he returned to Olympic training just five months after his final treatment. He had the conviction that if he could beat Hodgkin’s lymphoma, he could do anything, including winning a medal at the Rio Olympics. He was true to his word.

By the time the sun set on August 11, 2016, Brittain, and his long-time rowing partner, Keeling, had crossed the finish line in second place, beating the Italian team by two seconds. It was a fitting ending for Keeling, who has since retired from the sport.

With the euphoria of Rio behind him, Brittain is focused on conquering Tokyo 2020. And, with age on his side, and a fierce determination to make every opportunity count, there seems to be a goldtinted hue about his next Olympic journey.

|Train like a slave when no one is watching so you can race like a king when all eyes are on you.|