Winner in this category is the BET award winner, actress, and all-round superstar Sho Madjozi who has been disrupting the music industry with each hit song she drops. 

The twenty-seven-year-old musician born Maya Christinah Xichavo Wegerif, took the industry by storm with her authentic music and overall relatable personality. 

With songs like Huku, Idhom and her latest track John Cena under her belt, more and more people are falling in love with her unique sound.
The Tsonga musician made history this year as she became the first female artist from South Africa to win a BET Award for Best International Act.
TYI’s SADC Top 100 of 2019: Sho Madjozi, Trailblazers. Picture: Instagram
Even the president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, praised Sho Madjozi and King Monada during his speech on Heritage day in the Northern Cape, for staying true to who they are. 
“Music is one of the best ways to elevate indigenous languages. We want to download your music onto our phones and watch your music videos on MTV. I also want to issue a challenge to our musically gifted young people here in the Northern Cape; we want to hear from the Sho Madjozi’s and King Monada’s,” said Ramaphosa. 
After her performance on Colours –  a YouTube channel based in Germany – went viral Madjozi was happy with the response from around the world.
“I just went to Colors and performed. The responses that came after that I did not expect. I am glad that people are finally giving me props as I have been hard at work, pushing myself to get where I am today. But I believe that globally I am still on the come-up,” Briefly reported. 

The song then took off and had people jamming to it even before Sho Madjozi officially released the song. 
TYI’s SADC Top 100 of 2019: Sho Madjozi, Trailblazers. Picture: Instagram

Even the wrestler that the song is named after, John Cena, was seen dancing to the song on the Ellen DeGeneres show. 

Madjozi is quickly becoming South Africa’s favourite rapper and as she continues to blaze her trail we are excited to see what she does next.