First runner-up in this category is the founder of fashion and music magazine called SHOOSH and an all round fashionista. 

Danai Nyandoroh holds a Masters in Fashion Imaging and PR  and his passion at the University for The Creative Arts London. He later worked as an intern for B-side at Wale – a street wear label based in East London and is the .

After completing his internship, he relocated to Berlin where he launched SHOOSH, but he has continued in his role as a freelance stylist and fashion editor with his work being featured in the KLTBLUT magazine and CHAMP Magazine. 

Danai launched his own concept brand and record label called Parsley Studios in Berlin together with a fashion collection and, later this year, he will launch Bantu Project in Berlin, also through the studio.

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Issue 2 in the works

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Bantu Project is a trade-fair celebration of mostly southern African culture; infusing the worlds of Fashion, Art, Music and Cuisine from all the regions of the subcontinent. Danai sees the Bantu Project as a movement and he plans to host pop-up events through different cities in Africa and Europe. In time, he will be expanding the project.  

His work was inspired by watching N.E.R.D for the first time on MTV. The video drove him to wonder what could be like if he was true to himself in expressing his creativity. Shortly after releasing his debut album Oceans of Venus through the label Deeply Cultured, he was given the opportunity to perform at a friend’s magazine launch and this led to collaboration with a handful of other artists.

Danai is of the view that his generation is the future of this continent. He says they have a voice that is valid and a voice that needs to be heard and adds that he feels he is part of a fearless generation, a ‘Joshua’ generation. 

TYI’s SADC Top 100 of 2019: Danai Walters Nyandoroh, Disruptors. Picture: Instagram

Danai says, if SADC communities could all just come together, work as one, stand as one and dream as one, the continent could be great. The foreign idea of boundaries and division were meant to silence and retard progress as a continent – there must be unity and integration within the SADC community to break down these walls.