Imagine a job that allows you to sleep alongside anti-poachers or sail on a yacht, being tossed like a salad through a storm.

It’s the reason Johannesburg-born photographer, Jay Caboz (29), was awarded the CNN Multichoice African Journalist Award in 2016 for his photo story ‘40 Years of Mozambique – The Dead Port that Rose Again’. Caboz first set his sights on graphic design, and studied Fine Arts at Wits.

But photography allowed him to tell a story, and in 2012 Forbes Africa magazine became his platform to do just that. Recognition soon followed. In 2015, he won the Standard Bank Sikuvile Young Journalist of the Year Award in the photography category.

Caboz is all about the story, which is why he enrolled in a Journalism Honours course at Wits, to make sure his words would speak as loudly as his images. “Young people want the story in a sound bite; and through video and images you can tell a story in different ways.”

Today, Caboz lives and breathes for the next untold story, and his work is both his hobby and his passion. He is proud of the stories that his fellow African journalists are telling, considering how few their resources and how big the international budgets they compete against.

|Triple check your work. There will always be a mistake.|

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