Lisolomzi “Fuzzy Slipperz” Pikoli, 27, moves as easily through modes of artistic expression as he does through physical locations.

On any day, you might find him high up, painting a five-storey building façade, or indoors, sketching a small illustration. No matter what he’s doing, Pikoli’s art is always an exploration of his interests. “I’m inspired by the human subconscious; the dream state, out of body experiences, and how we relate to one another.”

Last year, after completing a residency at Johannesburg’s Keleketla! Library, Pikoli published Man Like Mountain: Of Memory and Scar. The book is a collection of multimedia graphics that explore the interaction between dual forces like man and nature.

As a muralist, Pikoli has been commissioned multiple times by the City of Cape Town. He has also left his mark on walls in Berlin and throughout Southern Africa. “I love working in public spaces because I get to interact with so many people.”

Pikoli also finds expression through music, and collaborates with friends and fellow creatives on alternative music projects. His multi-disciplinary creative pursuits were chronicled in a 2016 documentary by Number One Mageu and I See a Different You.

|Words I live by: Do the do.|

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