For Moyin Oloruntoba, YouTube is the perfect combination of social media, the online world, and TV.

Leveraging the versatility of the platform, the 26-year-old created the A1 YouTube channel. It is a digital destination for the latest celebrity entertainment news, interviews and red carpet fashion.

Having already reached 1 million views, it’s bound to disrupt the industry, as the channel makes its way to the top of the continent’s online video charts.

As a force to be reckoned with on the local pop culture scene, A1 not only reports on the trends, it sets them. A1 began as a way to get into the entertainment-reporting industry, and has become a full-time occupation. The platform inspired Oloruntoba to establish Moze Media, a content creation company that A1 is now a part of.

And it’s only the beginning for this charismatic visionary.

In 2016, Oloruntoba was awarded the coveted Fairlady Woman of the Future title in the Rising Star category.

How does she stay inspired?

She pays it forward, by helping other young people build their own online platforms in the creative space.

For Oloruntoba, being a motivational force for others is what it means to be a true influencer.

|If you want to succeed, you need to build on your passions, be consistent and always learn.|

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