It’s hard to keep up with Mayenzeke Baza.

His latest project, iBiskop, is an online film store that allows people to download videos using wi-fi at taxi ranks. It bypasses the difficulties many South Africans have accessing video on demand because there is unlimited bandwidth, the films are cheap, and they can be purchased using a voucher that can be bought from a vendor, so there is no need for credit cards.

Baza, 35, who comes from a rural Eastern Cape village, studied engineering, not film-making. He worked at Eskom, then Cadbury, performing theatre as a side project, when someone suggested he get into film.

He preferred the business side of the industry, which he learned about through books. Loving it, he convinced the Eastern Cape provincial education department to include dramatic arts in the syllabus and founded Mandela Bay Pictures, which held a film-making competition for scholars.

He has directed documentaries for the SABC and Al Jazeera and, in 2008, won a Thomson Reuters Foundation Fellowship in Wales, where he made a short film for Channel 4.

Passionate about taking South African films to foreign audiences, he co-founded both AAA, a film distribution company, and the Association for Transformation in Film and Television, a non-profit organisation that markets South African films to potential funders.

Find Mayenzeke on Twitter: @Mayenzeke