Meet Annette Muller, one of Forbes 2014’s list of 10 Female Tech Founders to Watch in Africa.

In a male dominated, and globally-driven tech space, Muller is putting both women and South Africans on the tech map. Her brainchild, the strategic management specialists DOTNXT, gets behind some of the country’s leading corporates and inspires them to think and act more innovatively.

About the DOTNXT mission she says: “I wanted to take old-school companies and make them cool, efficient, and relevant again.”

Nedbank, Samsung, Primedia, Graham Beck and Cell Care are on her growing list of clients. Muller has come a long way from the apple farm in Langkloof where she grew up. In 2015, her face appeared next to Elon Musk and Siya Xuza on Dimension Data’s list of Disruptors.

At 32 years old, that’s something to smile about. Her latest project, Flexy, is a start-up that connects companies and freelance experts. With this initiative, she hopes to open our eyes to the world of on-demand work. It’s the way of the future, and she plans to be at the forefront of it.

For Muller, purpose is found by solving the real issues she sees in the world, using tech as an enabler. There’s hope for our tech woes yet.

|You have to figure out what success means to you, and do what helps you accomplish that.|

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