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They say that once your start-up can’t share a large pizza anymore, you’re in trouble.

This was (un)fortunately the case for Dave Blakey’s Snapt, the software only load balancer, web accelerator, and application firewall he founded in 2012.

Two years later, Snapt achieved an annual growth rate of 400%. Five years on and Snapt has more than 10 000 clients in 50 countries. This year will see them working towards a 1000% growth rate and a 5000% growth rate in 2018. Big numbers, but definitely something this entrepreneurial spirit is ready for.

|If you want to succeed, you need to adapt, see what’s happening, and adapt.|
From a young age, Blakey has been all about business. He received his A+ computer technician certification at age 11, and became a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert by 13, all the while learning about business from his father. Snapt was initially aimed at SMEs, but that soon changed when NASA phoned to place an order.

The likes of MTV, Lego and the US retail giant Target soon followed suit.

Today, Snapt has offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Atlanta.

So how does a small South African software company compete against billion dollar global companies?

According to Blakey, you make do with what you have. And you increase the lunchtime pizza order.

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