Top tips for travelling in style from British Airways’ style ambassador and fashion stylist to the stars, Elizabeth Saltzman

Make your outfits versatile

If possible I prefer a carry-on only unless you are going for more than four days. Make your outfits versatile so you can use things more than once.

Plan ahead, for instance if you pack a navy blue tuxedo as an outfit to wear in the evening, you can also use the tuxedo jacket with your jeans, white shirt and flats for the day.

Brooks Brother, J Crew, Saint Laurent and Tom Ford tuxedos are my favourites!

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Travel with clean, well-moisturised skin

Everyone has their favourite products. I swear by Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and Shiseido Eye Mask.

I love to freshen my face up during the flight with the Crème de La Mer Mist. I can’t travel without these products!

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Water, water, water

Hydrating yourself inside as well as outside helps with jet lag and dehydration.

Also, keeps hair looking glossy and your skin looking fresh.

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Every hour you should get up and stretch your legs and do at least 30 seconds or one minute of exercise to get your blood circulating.

I always stretch my arms over my head and move my hands like I’m playing a phantom piano.

Try leaning against the doorway to stretch your shoulders and to open up your chest.

And for three simple options without even getting up from your seat: try a seated spinal twist; a half-forward bend; and slow neck rolls, five times in each direction.

Pearly whites! 

Nothing is more welcoming than a pretty smile. I can’t fly without toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Keeping my mouth fresh and my teeth clean is a priority and certainly one that is appreciated when greeting people after a long flight.

British Airways’ Club World amenity kits are great as they contain both items!

I like to tie my hair up on a plane.

 I think it gets less static and less dirty that way, and if I twist it up into a bun I can let it out when I deplane.

Magic: it’s like an instant blow-dry effect. If you have to go straight to a meeting I use Frederic Fekkai Dry Shampoo to quickly freshen my hair.


Sunglasses are a great way to accessorise an outfit while travelling. I firmly believe in my Tom Ford glasses, as well as a solid pair of Ray Bans. It’s the ultimate jet-setter accessory.

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Speaking of accessories…

Scarves, everyone should have one in their bag while travelling. Great for warmth on the plane. They can be used as a blanket for your children or hoodie or neck warmer.

I also love them during my trip to change up an outfit, it can be a sarong or an evening shawl.

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Reset your watch

Reset your watch and try to eat and sleep in sync with your new time zone as soon as you board. Immerse yourself in that film you’ve always wanted to see.

British Airways has an exceptional catalogue of entertainment, from silver screen classics to Oscar buzz-worthy films.

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Hats are hard to pack so choose one wisely. A fedora works in many situations, it’s great for sun protection, it’s great for styling and it’s great if you didn’t have time to style your hair before travelling.

My favourite is Maison Michel.
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Bring a bag that isn’t too big to carry…

Bring a bag that isn’t too big to carry and that doesn’t unbalance your shoulders.

The last thing you need is a crater-sized knot in your back. As my tote, I would choose something simple and streamlined, like the Michael Kors Collection Large Leather Tote; or opt for a little whimsy with the Tory Burch Penn Applique Canvas Tote.

As for a carry-on suitcase, I love the Tumi Tegra Lite Carry-On; the Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Carry-on; and both Globe-Trotter and Rimowa are firm favourites.

Of course, you can never go wrong with Hermès… It was good enough for Grace Kelly.

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