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Illustration by Megan Hess

Fashion illustration – the new (old) media of magazines.

Fashion illustration is hardly a new form of art, but it is definitely making a comeback.

In the days before photography was widespread, sketching what you saw was the only way to share it. Magazine covers featured whimsical drawings of beautiful girls with pouty red lips and big hair, and a common sight at runways would be illustrators bent over their sketching pads, tracing the models walking by them.

By the 70’s, photography reigned as the primary form of visual media, while fashion illustration, seen by many as outdated and old-fashioned, faded into the background. However, the fast-paced frenzy of the technology age has made many consumers crave the simplicity and quiet elegance of an illustration.

Illustration is in so many ways more relatable than photography because it doesn’t quite mimic real life. It’s easier to relate to the nostalgic mood of a quirky sketch than with the impossible standards of a retouched supermodel’s photo shoot. With illustration, your imagination can run wild.

Fashion illustration is taking the fashion crowd by storm, and there’s no better way to showcase their work than on Instagram.

Here are the big players of the fashion illustration world…

 David Downton @daviddownton

Eris Tran @eris_tran

Bil Donovan @bildonovan

 Brooklyn Hill @sketchfashionillustration

Megan Hess @meganhess_official

Jianlin Huang @jianlin_huang

Fashion Fleekend @fashionfleekend

Meagan Morrison @travelwritedraw

Givenchy ombré goddess ??? – the by product of a brief rendezvous with my art this week ??. That might sound a bit funny but it’s true. I’ve been so darn busy behind the scenes lately (more on why very soon!!) that I had to schedule a mandatory 30 mins the other day to paint just for me. I started feeling that icky sadness building up inside, which happens when I don’t create something new for a while, and knew this lady just needed to get out on paper ?. We can never control the outcome of our labor, but we miss every shot we don’t take. I’m giving my all to something big right now and taking yet another risk here in NYC. But I’m feeling something magical happening in the process. All will be revealed in the very near future, I promise. Love and light xx MM

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Blair Breitenstein @blairz


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Katie Rodgers @paperfashion

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