It’s tempting isn’t it?

To rock up to the office or to cocktail dinners in flip flops and shorts just because it’s nearly summer…

Still, don’t do it.

The power suit may get a bad rep as strictly for the corporate world but this season, you can dress it up – or down – for work and play.

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Here’s how…


Most people assume a power suit has to be black or navy.

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But if you switch it up and wear the suit in tan or even a pastel colour like pink or yellow , it immediately lifts the stuffy tone and makes you appear fun yet still business-like.


Pair your power suit with a sheer top and you instantly raise your look for serious to seriously sexy.

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This is ideal for nighttime events or cocktail parties where one wants to appear sophisticated but still playful.


Simply rolling up your sleeves can make a major difference to how you are received when wearing a power suit.

This makes you appear to be edgy and on trend. Taking this youthful look a step further, wear an elegant t-shirt that will still complement the tailored pants should you choose to take the jacket off.

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A suit and t-shirt combo makes you look down-to-earth and ready for a relaxed time.

Whether you are intent on portraying a serious, no-nonsense look for a business meeting or meeting stakeholders at an informal dinner or even just playing dress up for a restaurant hangout, the power suit is versatile enough to help you slay all environments.

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