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MTV-Base Africa’s Kim Jayde Robinson turns heads when she enters a room and for good reason.

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, the brunette beauty moved to South Africa in 2009 to attend the University of Stellenbosch, graduating with an Honours Degree in Social Work. It did not take long for her career in the modelling industry to kick off and these days she’s joined forces with MTV Base Africa as a fierce and always on point presenter.

Kimmy, you’re always dressed to perfection – how do you do it?

I have a few amazing designers in Cape Town and Johannesburg whom I reach out to when I have events coming up.

My personal style is very glamorous, classy with a little sexy touch. For the best Instagram photos study your face and body in the mirror to figure out your ‘best angle’ and mimic that exact pose for photos!


You travel a lot. What is your secret to staying in shape while on the road?

I watch what I eat by sticking to good and nutrition rich food.

I avoid bread as much as possible, I don’t drink a lot and I try to avoid late nights out, because the body needs its beauty sleep.

How did you get noticed and is it hard to put yourself out there?

I have been modelling full-time for four years, but it took a lot of time and effort to “get noticed” in Johannesburg particularly.

With networking, I use social media as my biggest tool to connect with people, but you should never underestimate the power of face-to-face communication.

I also try to put myself out there at every event I attend putting in the effort to make a good first impression.

Being recognized as a style influencer, do you see it as a compliment but at the same time stressful as you have a certain standard to live up to?

I definitely feel the pressure building, especially as my following increases, but I feel so blessed and grateful that people care about my opinion.

There is a lot of power in having such an influence and I hope to use it in a way that uplifts and inspire people.


What is your secret to stand out from the crowd?

Just be genuine! So many people in the social circles are trying to follow a perceived image of what it is believed to be trendy and cool.

Be your unique, beautiful, confident self and that will immediately make you stand out.

How important is social media for building the ‘Kim-Jayde brand?’

Social media is everything! You should embrace it and use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to engage with people all around the world instantly!


What is your biggest tip for aspiring models and presenters?

My tip is and always has been to dream big, but also be prepared to put in the work. Find a reputable agency that believes in you and learn as much as you can from them.

On a lighter note… what is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I had a call back for a fitness campaign where they were looking for sporty and athletic models. At the call back they put a model and I in a boxing ring to spar with each other for 60seconds. She punched me right in the face and it hurt so badly. I took the punch like a man and didn’t cry until I left the building!

It was worth it in the end, because I booked the job.

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