Paul Surridge wants to make Roberto Cavalli more practical.

The 43-year-old designer hopes his creations for the Italian fashion house – which is best known for its use of animal prints and is a favourite of the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Emily Ratajkowski and Kim Kardashian West – are “empowering” to women.

He said: “I want to address how people dress. We can’t just do 20 metres of chiffon because you’re probably travelling in an Uber rather than a horse and carriage…

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He told The Times newspaper: “Artisan, heritage, ornamentation – they’re not words that millennials speak.

“There’s a whole community of kids that will talk about that sneaker.

“If I don’t reach the next generation, where’s this brand going?”

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He explained: “Everything is more urban, more laid back.

“Glamour for me is about being comfortable. If you’re not comfortable, you’re vulgar.

“Cavalli isn’t polite, it isn’t intellectual but that doesn’t mean it has to be frisky and provocative. Sexiness comes from being confident in your skin.”

He said: “I said, ‘When these women on their yachts go upstairs for a coffee or watch the sunrise having not been to bed, are their cashmere jumpers Cavalli? Is the throw on their bed?’ No.”

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