Just like history, fashion repeats itself.

We like to think that things don’t go out of style – rather, they go into remission, and then resurface once again when the fashion cycle comes full circle.

We’ve seen the revival of the 70s and 80s but this year,  it was all about the 90s baby. For millennials, this is somewhat symbolic and perhaps nostalgic as most of our childhood memories take place in this era. A time when technology and the internet was something new and exciting, our celebrity fix consisted of the Backstreet Boys and Spice Girl’s posters stuck to our bedroom walls and light-up sneakers were a wardrobe essential.

NSYNC and the Spice Girls at an airport in the 90s. Image: @lancebass

How things have changed since then. But there is comfort in the familiar and you may have noticed that a few staple items in some of the most cringe-worthy fashion moments of your pre-teen self have now evolved into some of the biggest trends of 2017.

Take a look at some of these 90s trends that you’ve definitely worn recently.

1 Denim Jackets 

Oversized denim jackets – and full blown denim outfits were a major thing back when teen pop stars were our biggest inspiration (just ask Britney and Justin), and it seems to be back with the same force. This look has been back for a while now and doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon, with stars like Bella Hadid ensuring it remains current and cool through her Instagram pics.

3 Spaghetti Straps

It seems with many of these 90s trends, comfort and ease are a key component. Simple spaghetti strapped tops and dresses are huge right now – and perfect for the summer weather. Paired with a denim mini-skirt with buttons down the front (another 90s revival), you’ll look like you’ve walked straight off the set of Friends.

90s fashion trends

2 Matching separates

Matching separates and the ‘pyjama’ trend were spotted everywhere from the red carpet to runways and streetwear paparazzi pics this year, but remember when TLC did it first? Also, we’re pretty sure you begged your parents at least once to let you wear pyjamas to school as a kid. Now you can wear them to work and still be stylish in the process.

4 Neon Accents

Can you even picture the 90s without imagining a hot mess of neon and bright colours? Well they’re back, but this time in a more subtle way. Spruce up a minimal outfit with neon accents such as boots, lipstick or cute mini tote bag. Or take some inspo from Kylie Jenner and try out a new hair colour.

90s fashion trends

5 Athleisure

The term ‘athleisure’ was introduced to us in 2016, yet the trend is still very much in. This year, we’ve seen various high fashion labels collaborating with big-name athletic brands. Think Alexander Wang x Adidas or Victoria Beckham x Reebok to name a few.

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AUTHOR: Farah Khalfe 


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