Yolanda Hadid “always knew” her daughters would walk in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show…

can’t believe I get to experience all of this with my best friend! ❤️??? i LOVE you!

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Backstage Babies ?????? #VSFS2016 ? 2nd show let’s go!

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The 52-year-old former model was in the audience to see Gigi, 21, on the runway for the lingerie giant for the second time, and her younger sister Bella, 20, make her debut in the annual extravaganza.

And Yolanda admitted the event was something her daughters had always dreamed of being a part of and though she knew their goal was achievable, she never expected they’d be in the show so early in their careers.

She said: “[Gigi and Bella] used to watch Victoria’s Secret and practice in the living room with all their girlfriends.

“I cheered them on, and for me, it was something reachable. It was.

“I encouraged them to go for their dreams.

“I mean, I always knew that this is what they’re going to do at some point in time. I never really knew it was going to happen today, this fast, early on in their careers. But I always set goals and I knew that this was going to happen.”

The former ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star was “so proud” that her daughters were going to be in the show together.

She said: “I’m just so proud, “and grateful that we get the opportunity as a family to experience this in this moment in time.

“I’m just – it’s amazing. I’m just as fascinated as everybody else.”

Gigi had seemed nervous ahead of the show in Paris, France, on Wednesday (30.11.16) evening, but Yolanda was confident she and Bella would “do well”.

Speaking to ‘Entertainment Tonight’ ahead of the show, she said: “It’s all about how you’re in that moment.

“Last night she came back from rehearsals, she was great, and you know, it all depends.

“It depends on so many little things. But you know, I know that they’ve got this and I trust that they’re going to do well.”

While everything on the runway went well for Bella, Gigi had to show just how professional she is after her bra strap snapped.

During the Secret Angel segment of the show, the fabric was seen flailing, but thankfully her costume – including huge black wings – stayed in place and Gigi simply kept walking as if nothing had happened.

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