Dear Apple,

On #WorldAIDSDay you have taken the responsibility to raise awareness around this disease by launching special edition products to coincide with World AIDS Day. As much as this is an incredible initiative, one that sees a partnership with Product (RED) campaign,

I wonder, if I should really care about it?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stating that I don’t care about HIV/Aids (which I do and everyone should). It’s not a South African issue, it’s a worldly issue. This infectious disease has been ravaging our brothers and sisters since its first known HIV case in a human, in 1959. Over the decades, there have been developments in treatments and the constant advancements in technology has exceptionally helped to understand the disease.

What I’m more confused about is whether selling Apple products, which the proceeds will be donated to NGOs is the right path to achieve this goal? I’m sure there must be other routes taken. And will Apple users buy into the idea?

Maybe if it was available during the #BlackFriday weekend, it would definitely sell…

I understand the more conventional way would be to host an event, do some marketing and get people to donate through auctions seems to be the norm these days. My only concern would be that yes, you will have people purchasing these products but after some time, would they have buyers’ remorse?

I don’t know, maybe I’m looking at this wrong way, but I do commend you for taking up the initiative to bring social awareness to HIV/Aids. And I do hope that these products will sell (like hotcakes, of course).

Yours sincerely,

Severely concerned young citizen

Happy World AIDS Day! #appleworldaidsday #worldaidsday #knowyourstatus #apple #product(RED)

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