JOHANNESBURG – We all go through really tough and broke times, Somizi opens up on 94.7 with Mac G about the “brokest” times of his life.

Somizi also known as “Somgaga” who has become famous for being a well rounded choreographer, idols judge and radio host, says that he has been schooled by life by being broke first.

Before all the fame and money, between 2006 and 2009, Somizi exposes the vulnerable times of his life and how really broke he was, he say’s due to his mismanagement of his money.

Being this broke has humbled him and taught him a thing or two in life. “It couldn’t have come at a better time”, he told radio host Mac G. Somizi then turned the tables and made Mac G reveal that he has experienced one of his “brokest” times when he was fired from a radio station. He went through depression and started drinking a lot and “shagging a lot of girls”, says Mac G.

“I should have taken advantage of you then, you were very vulnerable”, says Somizi smiling jokingly to Mac G.

According to Somizi, his big break was being the first black choreographer for Miss World at the age of 19. “I might not be the richest celeb, but a lot of people know who I am”, says Somizi.

We love you Somgaga!

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