Isibaya actress, Linda Mtoba who known for her role as Zama “Cakes” Ngwenya had *umembeso this weekend.

The stunning Linda Mtoba had a traditional wedding with her long time boyfriend Steven Meyer.

The star shared a video of her alongside her mother, singing a traditional song, with a heartfelt caption:

“The beginning…It all began with her when she gave me life.  She became my life & here she is holding my hand as I start a new part of my life. It began with her. My giver of life, my best friend. My Mother.”

Did you Know?

Linda is a qualified teacher & before fame, the actress was an IsiZulu teacher at a primary school.

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*Umembeso – A zulu tradition that celebrates the union of marriage between two individuals but most importantly the union of the bride and the groom’s families. As a symbol of appreciation to the bride’s family the groom’s family presents the bride’s family with gifts (according to the list provided by the bride’s family prior to the membeso ), these gifts include but not limited to: blankets, pinafores, head scarves, clothes , food, straw mats, a live goat amongst others.

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