HOSPITALITY staff worldwide have taken to an online forum to air guests’ dirty laundry.

From leaving used condoms under the pillow and trying to conceal blood-stained sheets to urinating in mini-bar bottles and even defecating in a drawer – these hotel horror stories will give you a new perspective of what it’s like to work in the service industry.

More than 500 current and former hotel employees responded to the online discussion about what guests do that got under their skin.

One wrote: “Was a hotel room cleaner, when guests put used untied condoms in the toilet, under pillows, under the bed, on the tea and coffee tray basically anywhere.”

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And not only cleaners suffer the consequences of the bad behaviour. In some cases, so did guests.

One wrote: “We had guests open the mini-bar fridge, drink the beer, * *** in the empty bottle, put the cap back on and go on their merry way.

“The next client (an old gentleman with his daughter) took a swill of * *** that day.”

Another former employee from a different hotel revealed: “When I was a housekeeper, someone got blood all over the sheets in one bed in the room, made it up to look like it hadn’t been used, and messed up the sheets on the other bed.

“I was supposed to leave a bed alone if it hadn’t been used, so I didn’t know about the bloody sheets and didn’t change them. The next guest in that room arrived at 1am, crawled into the bed and fell asleep without even looking at the sheets. She saw the blood in the morning and was furious.”

Several expressed annoyance at guests answering the door scantily clad or in some cases “masturbating so the keeper will see them”.

One wrote: “Sex. The amount of times a guest will have asked for room service only to decide to have sex straight after they put the phone down; leaving me stuck outside the door with that extra set of towels or walking into a room to fix something and seeing more than I ever needed to.”

Perhaps the most obscure complaint: “I worked at a hunting lodge as a housekeeper when I was in high school.

“I did not appreciate it when people left animal remains in the trash.”

– Daily Mail

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