boity thuloFitness is a lifestyle for Boity Thulo.

With over 1.8 million followers on Instagram, the actress, TV host and entrepreneur is inspiring women to take better care of their bodies.

In a recent interview with IOL Boity revealed that there is no shortcut for getting fit: “I don’t have a recipe where I can say just drink this or that and you will be perfectly fine. It’s actually hard work all year long, because if you let go, your body gives in.”

She continued: “I also do squats, because I don’t want to have a flat ass. The squats target multiple areas, they work the core and my bum, my legs and my hamstrings.They are the magic workout, because they cover most major areas at one go.”

Here’s 5 Insta-moments where Boity gave us #FITSPO for days.

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boity body toned

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boity body

Bikini season! (C) Instagram

“You need a goal when you go to the gym, such as getting toned, getting leaner or losing weight!” BOITY

boity body

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boity fitness

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AUTHOR: Annette de Wet

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