Kelsey Merritt has revealed her beauty regime before her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show casting and has admitted that the secret to her eye look was Maybelline’s Falsies Black Drama mascara.

Although the 22-year-old model – who is the first Filipino woman to ever walk in the Victoria’s Secret show – walked the iconic catwalk in $918 worth of beauty products, she revealed the cosmetics she wore to her audition were far less expensive and included Maybelline’s Falsies Black Drama mascara to achieve her eye look.

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In a video for Vogue, Kelsey talked her fans through her everyday beauty regime and the star began prepping her skin by mixing moisturiser and sun cream, she then applies coconut oil to her entire body, noting that it’s important to “listen to what your skin needs”.

As for her go-to skin products, Kelsey uses a liquid low coverage foundation – so she doesn’t cover up her freckles – and she confessed to wearing a shade darker than her skin tone.

She said: “I love looking bronze and sun-kissed, so I usually use a shade darker than my skin tone.”

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The brunette beauty finishes her face by lightly contouring and then applying concealer, although she admits that it’s important not to have too much coverage on her face.

She explained she wants her makeup to: “Bring out my best qualities — not cover them up.”

In keeping with Kelsey’s natural look, she finishes her regime with a light dusting of Charlotte Tilbury Beach Lip & Cheek Stick and bronzer, a touch of Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick, clear brow gel, a shade of golden glitter eyeshadow and finally the Falsies Black Drama mascara.

Another top tip from Kelsey is to keep an aloe plant near your bathroom and use the gel from the plant to nourish your scalp and dry ends of your hair.

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