Sofia Richie “religiously scrubs” her make-up off at the end of the day.

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Sofia Richie – who is dating Kourtney Kardashian’s ex Scott Disick – has revealed that the secret to her flawless complexion is spending a long time washing her face every night to prevent future “break-outs”.

Speaking to Vogue Australia, Sofia said: “I’m just religious about really taking off my makeup. I’ll just sit there with a cloth even though nothing else is coming off at the end of the night, rubbing everything. 

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“Falling asleep in your make-up is – well, you might as well just keel over and say goodbye to your skin forever.

Sofia – who is the daughter of 69-year-old singer Lionel Richie – admitted that her friends can never tell if she’s wearing a full face of make-up because her skin ” is so good”.

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Sofia added: “Make-up breaks me out bad. I have to scrub and scrub. But my skin is good, thank god. I don’t know why everyone thinks that I don’t wear make-up, but I just don’t think that anyone can tell. Like, I’m wearing a lot!

“I’ll put on a full thing of make-up in the morning and everyone will be like ‘Oh bare face?’ And I’m like – not really! But thank you, I guess?”

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Sofia Richie also confessed her style is based entirely on “comfort” and dressing for herself rather than other people.

Sofia said: “I like to be very casual and comfortable. I like to have like a comfort zone that I stay within, so it’s really just about comfort,” 

“I love little knit cotton dresses that are very simple. It’s hot, easy, cute. I also like, I just got these silk sets, cause they’re very light.”

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