JOHANNESBURG – Music, like English is a universal language. Sure we might all have our own different taste – from maskandi, kwaito, hip hop or house music; but each genre on it’s own is something we can personally relate to.

However, recently music has started to sound the same, making it hard to differentiate one artist from another.

It’s not like music videos are helping either. Nowadays most of them look like they were directed by the same person and seemingly must all contain the following visuals: nude women, a shot of the subjects puffing out smoke, an alcohol advertisement and cars.

But, we are fans of a few incredibly talented artists who are paddling against the commercial wave. This list is about artists who give us fresh content, artists who go against the norm and don’t conform, artists who are fearless and different and stand out from the rest. Unfortunately, they are also underrated.


In this world where trap music has taken over, rapper Solo’s sound is clean – old school sounding rap. His lyrics are raw and honest and serve his audience quality rap music.

In an interview with Hype magazine, Solo described his album, ‘DREAMS.B.PLENTY’ as a “story of searching for a balance in a space that demands overachievers… paints a picture of finding a balance between making strides and still chasing a greater goal”.

King Monada

This Molobedu singer, whose real name is Khutso Kgale proved that good dance songs are not only restricted to Gauteng and Durban. His song ‘Skha Bhora Moereki’ had fellow limpopians (people from Limpopo) dancing proud to the tunes.

King Monada gives us a different fun sound all while managing to stay true to his roots.

Dope Saint Jude

A female rapper is already a rare sight to see in general, but this Cape Town born rapper is in a lane of her own.

She offers her fans a quirky, crazy, edgy sound and, trust me when I say she is not one to shy away from controversy. She raps about how she will ‘F*#king wys you’ (show you) and that she is an ‘f*#king boss’ and we can’t help but agree.

Missy RBK

Real name, Zodwa Mohlamonyane is another female rapper killing the SA hip hop scene. Offerings from her such as ‘Motswako’ gives her fans of who she is as an artist, she’s a risk taker and has been in the game for a long time, her sound hard to miss.


Unlike other artists on this list, Blaklez has featured many popular SA artists like Khuli Chana, but there’s no denying this rapper’s talent. In his song ‘Leather face’, he talks about how “rap used to be a voice for the people, now it’s become a playground for the feeble.” He raps from in English but easily transitions to Sotho, he is definitely a world class rapper and a force to be reckoned with.

Do you agree with our list? Which unique and underrated artists do you feel we have missed?