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Created by: Duncan Seanego

Every street smart, savvy millennial knows about Groupon which is an online discount coupon company. For days that require scrupulous, Margaret-Thatcher-like spending, Groupon has always been the savior…

However the day has come where Goupon has officially announced via their website…

[To our dismay!]

…that as of November 4 2016…Its operations would be down and that there will be no deals offered.

See full statement below:

We are sorry not to be able to offer you any great deals today but thank you for your interest in Groupon.

We are sorry to inform you that as of 4 November 2016 Groupon has wound down its operations in South Africa and we are unable to offer you any deals today.

For our customers, this means we will stop offering deals on our website from tonight. All current vouchers bought will remain valid until the date stated on the voucher. The terms and conditions on the voucher remain the same. For any customers who are uncomfortable with using their voucher, we are offering a cash refund option if they contact us

before 30 Nov 2016. Goods purchased purchased up to 4 November will be fulfilled. Should you need to return a Goods item you purchased, please do such before 30 November.

The tweeters have their say:

This music video might enlighten your financial journey in the future:


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