Sex is like a machine. It just takes one off button for the whole system to crash and die.
Have your nights with your partner been a little lukewarm lately?

Some things in bed (or the couch) really knock the wind out of your sails and sometimes we’re confronted with the mood-killers. They can just take you off climax in the wink of an eye. Imagine that you are having sex, with this hot girl, (hotter than Boity) and then you try to put on some shagging tunes on your ipod/ DVD player. You have Usher now playing in the background, you and boo are slow dancing to the tunes. Once you have ‘grined’ tight on your person, feeling her warm body – and then, the smack down is about to begin. Wololo starts to play.  Can anyone say moodkiller! And that was just a Wololo song that killed the mood. I’m about to warn you of 9 other things that could kill the mood, and that you should stay clear of this, when bringing boo home to keep your sex life LIT.

1. Do not ask for me to go down on you. Let me initiate that move, or you will ruin it.
2. We don’t need TMI: Don’t say, “I need to take a dump”
3. Don’t try to influence our dressing. Don’t ask, “Are you really going to wear that?” 
4. When having a bad day, don’t rub it in. Don’t say, “You look like you got hit by a bus!” 
5. We all sweat, so get off your high horse. Don’t ask, “Do you normally sweat this much?”
6. Don’t drop bombshells on us. Don’t suddenly say, “Guess what? My ex is in town!”. Why must we know?
7. Just shut up and kiss me or offer me gum if there’s a problem. Don’t ask “Did you eat garlic for lunch?”
8. Leave my hair alone. I’m tired and had a bad week. Don’t say “You should tweeze or wax”. Not cool.
9. Don’t ask me to pay for the entire bill. I will hurt you. It’s either half and half, or it’s you that’s going to pay.
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