Whether you are going on a staycation or an overseas vacation, you are probably going to bring a camera along with you to capture all your special moments.

But with the unpredictable weather conditions, you might be scared to carry your prized possession with you in case it starts raining.

Some modern cameras can withstand a few drops of water though and others are completely waterproof.

Photo by PhotoMIX Company from Pexels

But if you already own a camera and are not sure if it can withstand mother nature’s unpredictable storms, then these tips will come in handy.

1. Always have a cloth

Having a cloth ready to wipe off any droplets that land on the front of the lens will ensure that you can continue with your photoshoot even if it starts raining a bit.

An umbrella can also be a handy accessory in wet weather.

2. Waterproof cover

If you are planning on spending an extended period of time in the rain then you should buy a waterproof cover for your camera.

It will also prevent dust and sand getting into your camera.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

3. Plastic bag is a must

If your camera bag is not 100 percent waterproof, you should wrap the camera in a plastic bag to prevent it getting soaked.

4. Read labels

Carefully read labels of expensive waterproof equipment such as welded-seal camera bags or backpacks before purchasing them.

“Water-resistant” means the bag will prevent raindrops from wetting your camera, but that won’t help if your camera is completely submerged in water.

5. Make use of silica crystal bags

If you accidentally get your camera bag wet, place the silica crystal bags that often come with the packaging back inside the bag. These will extract the moist and get rid of any dampness.

Photo by Samsung Memory on Unsplash

6. Insure your camera

One thing that will come in handy if you are unable to fully protect your camera from damage, is insurance. Make sure you have taken down the serial numbers on all your valued equipment and get it insured. This will ensure that your goods are replaced or fixed if the worst happens.

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