Nothing helps with starting the day on a good note quite like a refreshing glass of iced coffee.

Nothing screams delicious like coffee with some hints of Biscoff biscuits right?

A popular foodie agrees having shared her simple recipe for a Biscoff iced latte that anyone can make at home.

Ayeh Farr, from the account Cooking with Ayeh on Instagram and TikTok, showed off the delicious twist to her morning coffee.

Photo by Marcella Mumlek on Unsplash

In the video, Farr started by adding a heaped spoon of the popular biscuit-based spread into a coffee cup.

She then poured a shot of coffee from her espresso machine directly on top of the spread, causing the Biscoff spread to melt.

She then took a cup and added a handful of ice into it before pouring some milk.

The milk was then topped off with the coffee and Biscoff mixture before stirring.

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In the TikTok video, Farr added a humorous voiceover explaining how replacing your morning coffee with green tea could help you lose the little joy you have left in your life.

‘Send this to your bestie who loves coffee and needs a good laugh,’ She captioned the clip.

Viewers were impressed with the iced coffee recipe.

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“Yum, two of my favourite things living in harmony – Biscoff and coffee, thank you Ayeh,“ a user wrote.

Farr uses her social media accounts to share fun and easy recipes, and will occasionally add her spin to trending recipes.