SALESIAN Life Choices will launch the Cape Town Youth Book during Youth Month.

The Cape Town Youth Book is a platform to celebrate the creativity of young people’s storytelling.

Since 2014, Salesian Life Choices, a non-profit organisation has celebrated South Africa’s Youth Month with a “30 Stories in 30 Days” campaign, using online media to create awareness about the challenges and inspirational stories the youth faces.

As part of the Cape Town Youth Book, portraits have come from local photographer Peter Harper, who was born in District Six, and also illustrations by 21 other South Africans from diverse backgrounds.

Each artist is given a story to interpret in their own narrative, creating what promises to be a collectors item. Notable artists that have been a part of the campaign include Diek Grobler, Anwar Davids, Frank Lunar, Sikelela Damane, Willem Samuel, Judy Conway and Jill Trappler.

Story topics are around suffering, hardship, overcoming abuse, violence, injustice, loss and neglect. The artists share inspirational thoughts on how to overcome these challenges in the book.

Sofia Neves director of Salesian Life Choices said, “We believe people are born into the world as assets. It is the way we treat them, that make them a liability.

“We hope this book inspires you to see each youth you come across as an asset.

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“It’s a mix of old and young people, mostly artists and storytellers, who have been through many challenges in life.

“Most of the people featured in the book are from Cape Town and they share how they have overcame these challenges, or how they have helped someone to overcome a challenge,” said Hannelie Booyens, spokesperson at Salesian Life Choices.

The Cape Town Youth Book will be launched by TV presenter Danilo Acquisto on June 30, 2017, at the Salesian Life Choices, Cape Town.

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