Hello, Future People!

That was the tagline on my entrance band as I attended my very first music festival…at a container yard.

I’m sure we’ve all been to or at least heard about big events such as ‘Kinky’ and ‘We Love Summer’ thanks to Vacation Events who organise and run the whole shebang.

And this past weekend they have done it again…

A jol to top off all jols; Future Frequency. The name is exactly as it states; a music festival of the future.

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When you think of all the outdoor music festivals that happen around Cape Town the venue is always situated on some far away farm or spacious venue (for obvious reasons).

But, Frequency was in an unconventional yet amazing place; a container yard in the middle of a residential area.

Are you ready for today? 🔊

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What made this even better was that the venue is just 10 minutes outside of the CBD and probably just a 20 minute drive tops to those who live in Cape Town.

You’re probably thinking what I initially thought when I found out that a techno festival was being held in an area where loads of people lived…These things get crazy loud! And the lighting is even crazier.

That isn’t a problem though when you have a stellar technical and engineering team.

The way the containers were set up completely blocked out the wind, sound and lighting to the outside world. When driving past the venue all you saw were a sh*t load of cars parked outside but it looked as if NOTHING was happening.

But inside….

This is what was happening…

Scenes. #futurefrequency #eventproduction #capetown #techno

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The Frequency Festival started just last year and is already on the map to becoming as big as the much anticipated ‘We Love Summer’ festival.

The festival boasts a range of local as well as international headliners, a lekker crowd and an unconventional venue that every techno lover in Cape Town should experience.

If you’re one to always be at the latest music fests then Frequency is one you NEED to be at next year.

-Zuhaa Isaacs

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