Babalas days? I feel you.

“Have you ever been so drunk that you’ve woken up on a bus back home with no recollection of how you got there? …. I live in Durban… the lies I had to tell my mom though when I phoned her to pick me up at the bus station”, Rhodes Confession 15933.

After a heavy night of drinking, being babalas is one horrible thing that you don’t want to face. The worst case is having to go to work or varsity after a heavy weekend of “wololo”.

Wait… to think about it though, babalas is not as bad as your friends retelling your most embarrassing moments ‘about last night’. The worst case would be to face your parents, after you got into the house.


02:00am – trying to position your sober face for 30 minutes, only to ask your mom “who are you”?

Let’s face it , sometimes these stories are one tick off your bucket list of what you wished to do before you turn 30. Maybe it’s not as embarrassing but it is progress that you’ve made as a human being.

10:00am – Slowly opening one eye while still puzzled in your brain to identity your own room. You wish that there’s no one sleeping next to you because when you open your mouth, you honestly wouldn’t want to meet anyone with that monster breath. 
10:45am – You wake up in your room with an undefined smell of alcohol. Asking yourself, what’s the lump under your head? Sh*t, it’s just last night’s burger.

12:00pm – You battle with yourself to try and raise your heavy head and reach out to your cracked screen phone only to realize that you actually came home at 03:00am with the last text to a contact saved as “hottie from class” with a “fddgjjhga” text. The moment you try to call them to explain that you’re sorry, a familiar voice on the phone says “you have insufficient airtime to make a call”. 


12:45pm – When you struggle to put together last night’s puzzle in your head after a 30 minutes frozen moment of trying to position yourself into your wall. When lifting your eyes to the hand, balanced on the wall you exclaim in shock sh*t do I have a tattoo? Only to realise that your hand is smeared with uncountable club stamps.
13:00pm –  You take the walk of shame down to the kitchen, while still waiting to check what you can eat in the fridge. You take a quick look at Instagram updates only to find that your friends have tagged you in drunk selfies – knowing half your followers on Instagram are from your church. To add some odd number to your equation, your Rihanna “Work” twerking video has gone viral. You always wanted to be famous, but not in this way, I am sure. 

13:45pm –  After realising that there is no relevant thing to eat in the fridge, load airtime, and make a confused order: burger, sweets and cold drink. When your taste buds spark with excitement when you realise your delivery is at the door.
Swipe the food away from him with confidence and determination, only to get declined. Make a dramatic performance explaining to the delivery guy that last night you had R5000 in your bank account and then you receive an e-statement of fees from your bank.. Where is the money? It all went down to Bobs R1 shots. Try to call back a few friends to loan you money just enough to get a coke.

We have asked a few millennials in Johannesburg and Cape Town to share their babalas remedies and this is what they had to say:

One common answer was, “You know what they say, a thorn must be removed with a thorn right? To avoid hangover you must never stop drinking.”

One undebatable skill all we have waking up with this Babi girl is that we all know where the fridge is, without even opening an eye you will down a gulp of water.

1. Daluxolo Xusha – Oh well my one and only remedy is the 1 Litre Ginger Ale and Spicy/oily food.

2. SnarksOu – ? I wish I was drinking to help. And Rosé doesn’t even give me Babalas. That’s the only thing I drink every now and then, But I’ve seen my friends drink a lot of score energy drink or Stoney the morning after a night out.

3. Lieto Ngcakaza – 2 and a half teaspoons of coffee, boiled water and 1 full teaspoon of sugar. Mix them in a cup youll be fine sweety.

4. Ntokozo Zii – Raw egg inside whatever drink you had the night before or 1 litre water before you sleep after drinking booze.

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