What: Gauteng police have launched a manhunt for the security guard who allegedly fatally wounded a student

Where: University of Johannesburg (UJ)

When: Early hours of Saturday morning

How: “We threw a year-end party for the students, supplying food and cold drinks, which we do every year. No alcohol is allowed. I am told at between 1am and 2am when the security guards told the students the party was over, they attempted to get to the top floor to an entertainment area but were refused access. They pushed forward and a security guard fired a shot,” Renney Plit said.

Plit of The Yards at 81 Rissik Street, the Affordable Housing Company (Afhco), said the incident was being fully investigated from their side as well.

Colonel Noxolo Kweza added that the guards at the students’ residences are unarmed so what was being investigated was why one of the guards had a gun.

The mother of the student traveled to Johannesburg from Mozambique yesterday but attempts to get hold of her proved futile this morning.

Public response:

On the official #UJFeesMustFall account, @UJFMF (UJ Fees Must Fall) broke the news of the student’s death when they tweeted: “A student at UJ has been killed by private security when he shot twice in the back. #FeesMustFall #RensburgMustFall #EndSecuritisation.”

In another post, they tweeted: “Police claim, like UJ, the bouncer who murdered a student has no link with the varsity. But students know him from DFC #EndSecuritisation.”

The #UJFeesMustFall movement also lambasted vice chancellor Ihron Rensburg, saying he should be accountable for the student’s death.

In another tweeted, @UJFMF wrote: “VCs and private security must be held to account for this murder. They have allowed this madness to persist. #RensburgisaMurderer.”

The university said they would comment on the student’s death in a statement which was due to be released soon.

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