JOHANNESBURG – As November begins, it’s time for our favourite dudes, bros, fathers and friend-zoned brothers to grow their mo’s in support of testicular and prostate cancer and overall men’s health.

Whether you’re keen on being mistaken for Wolverine or want to keep it somewhat clean for a month, there are plenty of ways to have fun and try out different stash styles.

1. The Artist

                                                                           Source: Pinterest/Wild West Beards

Let your inner Salvador Dali shine with this style by growing the hair above your lip and trimming it thinly and in the middle to form a gap then curling the sides. You can make it as comical as you want, just don’t speak with an accent, please.

2. The Zorro

                                                 Source: Pinterest/All Posters

If you want to look like a swashbuckling Casanova returning from a swordfight with your masked foes or a magical mystic like Marvel’s Doctor Strange, then this is the look for you. Grow the hair above the lip like The Artist, and then leave a lock of hair below your lip and on your chin.

3. The After Eight

                                      Source: Pinterest/Wild West Beards

This low maintenance shadow will require no grooming besides the occasional trim to keep it almost invisible. This one is for those bros who like to be clean and aren’t willing to commit to full-time facial hair.