What’s Trending on Twittersphere? #AfricanClapbacks

Folks reveal the funniest retorts ever…

1. Mom: go get me some cold water
Bro: To drink?
Mom: To Turn It Into Wine


2. Boy: Can I buy you lunch?
Girl: I have a boyfriend
Boy: What is he hungry too?


3. Annoying Neighbour: Eyyyy, You’re going to school, remove that lip stick.
Me:Do I learn with the lipstick or with my brain?


4. Mum: Dont go anywhere, watch your little sister
Me: She is not my child pls✋


5. Me: mom I’m hungry
Mom: there’s bread
Me: what should I eat it with?
Mom: your mouth


6. Auntie: When are we meeting your future husband?
Me: Where is your husband?


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