“The World Is Yours” music video doesn’t just serve steamy visuals of AKA and his bae Bonang, but also dope baecation goals.

The video premiered yesterday on Trace Urban, sending the Twittersphere into a frenzy.

The music video was shot during the couple’s vacation out in Phuket, Thailand and hit AKA’s YouTube account- “AKAWorldwideVevo” on Thursday evening.

The video gaining over 20 000 YouTube views, after only 12hrs of being uploaded.

Fans who have been waiting with anticipation, flocked online and started screen grabbing their favorite scenes with their devices, putting them up on social media as they applaud the Megacy.

Taking to Twitter, the SuperMega fueled his fans’ excitement and hinted at possibilities of releasing more music for them.  

“This is just the beginning. I don’t pat myself on the back. I’m already thinking about how much more dope shit we need to send your way”

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