Pasta dishes are easily some of the most celebrated meals on social media.

From the viral baked feta pasta to pasta chips, there seems to always be a new way to enjoy it.

A modern-Italian restaurant has joined in on the fun coming up with a new way to eat pasta dishes. In what they call Australia’s first ever pasta in a jar, the restaurant has left people divided on their new innovation.

Pasta in a jar. Picture: Instagram @pancenuenaktenan

Barkly’s Kitchen, a restaurant in Melbourne shared a TikTok video showing mason jars filled to the brim with creamy pasta oozing with cheese. The captioned the clip, “Probably Australia’s first pasta jar, only at #Barklyskitchen! (sic)”

The new additions to the menu will be available to customers once dine-in reopens across Victoria – as the state remains under lockdown orders due to spiralling Covid cases.

In an interview with the Daily Mail the owner of the restaurant explained the decision to serve pasta in a jar.

“Our pasta jars more cheesier and they’re baked as well which gives a real kick. The best part of our pasta in a jar is it stays hot right till the end of your last bite,” said Rajan.

Photo by Jean-claude Attipoe on Unsplash

While many people are skeptic about the new creation, Rajan said don’t knock it until you try it.

“There is lot more to these pasta jars that people would love to know about,” he explained to the publication.

The pasta jars will come in three different flavours; green pesto (vegetarian), cream chicken mushroom and Barkly’s special – red pesto with chicken and bacon.

Users on TikTok were quick to share their thoughts on the restaurants ‘innovative idea’.

@barklyskitchen Probably Australia’s FIRST Pasta Jar, only at #barklyskitchen! #melbourne #fypシ #halal #fyp ♬ THATS WHAT I WANT – Lil Nas X

‘This is so embarrassingly Melbourne,’ one user joked.

‘Let’s put pasta normally served in a bowl into a jar for no reason at all. Why? Yeah nah. Pass,’ another wrote.

While another asked, “Is this a joke though? The pasta looks delicious, would love to eat it… from a bowl.”

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