Mrs. Africa 2016 hopeful Tarryn Ogle has her sights set on developing young women to reach their full potential. This year, Tarryn, along with her sponsors will host the first ever Miss Teen Social Entrepreneur.

Founding & Developing this Program has truly been one of the highlights of my journey. Miss Teen Social Entrepreneur this year will raise funds and awareness for the Dignity Dreams – an NGO that provides sanitary ware for young girls who cannot afford to buy their own. Over 4 million young girls in SA cannot attend school because of this and I wanted to make a significant impact. What better way than to educate young teenage girls that are in school and who can afford sanitary to spread this message with me.

A businesswoman, entrepreneur, wife and mother of four, Tarryn had always wanted to develop young women in hopes to increase their desire to be educated, independent and to achieve their goals. “In my opinion, developing young women is a vital part of the country’s growth and future credibility. I am excited about working with young women, who are passionate about making a difference as well as learning business/entrepreneurship skills.

They will gain the tools to enable them to make informed decisions for their futures which I believe will take this country to the next level. My main aim is to inspire young women to get involved in social entrepreneurship and they then share their knowledge and experience with generations to come-after all; it takes more than one person to change the world! ,” she said.

As part of her campaign, Tarryn’s Miss Teen Social Entrepreneur Program will focus on empowering teenage girls from Grades 8 to 12. Creating awareness around social responsibility as well as developing their social entrepreneurial skills. “The event is not a beauty pageant in the traditional sense- but more a ‘beauty with a purpose’ theme.

I would like to spread the message that every girl should know and feel she is capable of reaching her dreams and your worth should not be based on looks but more on how much passion, soul and determination she has to make a difference.

The “Pageant” part of it, is more of a fun Fashion Show to celebrate the work these young girls have been involved in. Miss Teen Social Entrepreneur will enhance the confidence and empower each contestant to strive towards their individual goals making a tangible positive impact in the lives of others. I want all interested teenagers to become a part of this
program and share what they learn with their family, friends and communities,” added Tarryn.

Tarryn further added that her sponsors have made the difference in this campaign and she appeals to the private and corporate sector to get on board and assist her in making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

“I have been truly blessed with all my sponsors. Most recently, Sun International – Carnival City have come on board and I am thrilled that such a major brand is backing my cause. I would like to thank all the sponsors and I would also like to encourage more parties to get involved because together we can make a huge impact,” she said.

Miss Teen Social Entrepreneur will take place at Carnival City on the 8th October 2015.

Those who wish to participate or for sponsorship enquiries, please contact Tarryn via email on:

The beneficiary of the pageant, Dignity Dreams, was started in 2012 by Sandra Millar, and manufactures and distributes sanitary wear for underprivileged school girls across the country.

For more information on Dignity Dreams please visit

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