If you’re looking for a part time job after graduation or you’re just tired of chilling at home because no job has ever appealed to you…

Here are 7 options that might make you change your mind!

1. Rental Boyfriend:


In serious need of money?

Well, in Japan you can sign up to be a “Rental Boyfriend”. This basically means that you offer your companionship to whoever wants to rent you out per hour.

It’s far from being an escort because no kissing or intercourse is allowed except hand holding and hugging.

2. Professional Sleeper:

Yes! That’s actually a thing.

You can sleep and get paid for it (that’s if you don’t mind people poking you while you’re sleeping).

Professional Sleepers doze off while scientists conduct research on them for sleep disorders etc.


3. Water Slide Tester:

People actually get paid to test out water slides and water park rides. This to make sure it’s completely safe and non hazardous for future ride goers.

Of course, medical aid is covered in case you hurt yourself in this potentially risky job.

But, still sounds like fun nonetheless.

4. Professional Mourner:

People can hire you to cry…

Professional mourners go to events (usually funerals) to ball their eyes out for you just in case you die and no one loves you enough to cry over you.

You can hire these mourners to do that instead.


5. Gross Stunt Tester:

Sounds gross? That’s because it is.

All those shows where competitors have to chow disgusting things like sheep eyes for money; there is someone that has to test it before anyone potentially poisons themselves.

That means testing out all the nasty options the producers have put out to make a show even more interesting while trying not to kill the contestant.

You must be getting paid a damn lot for that then…


6. Laughter Therapist:

Did you know? That the average adult only laughs 17 times a day.

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If you find yourself low on laughs then you can go to a professional laughter therapist.

So, if you think you have a special niche for making people laugh then this job’s for you.


7. A Panda Nanny:

So cute.

-Zuhaa Isaacs

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