These are the reasons our parents don’t like video games.

Games, like any other media form, are forms of artistic expression.

The thing about art is that it has the ability to be anything, and one of those things is “controversial.”

Here’s a list of 8 games that were banned in some countries: 1. Manhunt 2 (2007)

Rockstar Games’ sequel to the 2003 game, Manhunt, was banned in Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea for one simple reason: violence.

The stealth-based horror action game put players in the shoes of one Daniel Lamb, and has them perform brutally violent and gory executions on enemies.

In the UK, the game was “refused classification”. In layman’s terms, they thought an age restriction of 18 just wouldn’t cut it.

2. Postal 2 (2003)

The definition of violent stress relief, Postal is a first-person shooter that casts players as the “Postal Dude.”

It’s pretty normal. People go about their lives, running errands, making deliveries, just doing the daily grind. That is, until you come along and splatter all their faces over the pavement with a shotgun.

The game was banned in New Zealand for containing “gross, abhorrent content.”

3. Custer’s Revenge (1982)

Developed by an adult movie company subsidiary called Mystique for the Atari 2600 console, Custer’s revenge is one of the first ever pornographic video games.

Players assume the role of General Custer, who walks around with a pixelated erection, dodging a hail of arrows so he can bang a Native American girl tied to a nearby pole.

Oklahoma City in Oklahoma, US passed a law to ban the sale of the game within the city.

4. The Pokemon Trading Card Game (1998)

Probably the most ridiculous entry on this list.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game was a digital version of the actual trading card game for the Nintendo GameBoy Colour.

Which country would be nuts enough to ban a Pokemon game you ask? Well, the lads over in Saudi Arabia noticed that the symbols used for energy in the game resembled the Star of David. Which is a big no-no for them.

5. The Grand Theft Auto series

Yes, the entire GTA series was banned, wait for it… in Thailand.

They’re not particularly picky about video games in Thailand, having only placed bans on games featuring sexual content. But they took measures against GTA due to some real-life events.

In 2008, a man called for a taxi. Once he reached his stop, instead of paying for his ride, he pulled out a knife and stabbed the driver to death. Naturally, he blamed GTA.

6. Bully (2006)

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Bully tells the story of a less than nice English school boy trying to make his way through boarding school. This, of course, involves weggies, stink bombs, and other elaborate pranks.

This game can only be considered as GTA for kids. So where and why was it banned?

That would be Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost province of Brazil, whose government reckoned it would be potentially harmful to teenagers and imposed a fine of 1000 reals per day on anyone buying or selling the game.

7. The Guy Game (2004)

It’s probably exactly what you’re thinking. If what you’re thinking is a multiple choice trivia game that rewards players with footage of women removing their shirts.

This wouldn’t be a problem in the good ol’ US of A, except that one of those women happened to be 17, which put developers Top Heavy Studios under fire for violating child pornography laws.

Lawsuits were filed, the game was banned, pulled from the shelves and forgotten forever.

8. EA Sports MMA (2010)

In true EA Sports fashion, the company cashed in on the fighting craze that is Mixed Martial Arts.

Off the top of your head, what is the weirdest reason for a game being banned? Whatever it is, this one’s worse.

In Denmark, the game was forbidden because it advertised energy drinks, which is apparently against Danish law.

-Tyler Roodt

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