Men aren’t always to blame for our sexual dissatisfaction.

I’m imagining that as you read this, your eyes are wide open with the words WTF coming out of your mouth but it’s true.
I would often complain about how my partner then did not touch or kiss me where I wanted him to but it’s pretty simple – if I knew where I wanted him to touch, I would have guided him but I didn’t.
Of course I blamed him, it’s his duty to know where to touch a woman.

How shallow of me to not think that what works for someone else might not work for me. So I decided to throw a party for one.

I needed to find my spots, I needed to pleasure myself to know what turns me on but of course it was not easy so I never stopped doing it.

You learn something new every time. 

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If you ever find yourself in my position, remember: solo pleasure is the best and its May so what better time to start than on National Masturbation Month?

Everyone else is doing it…

If you have no clue where to begin, here are some cool tips that helped me get a fresh start:
Be relaxed.

First and foremost, you need to make sure your mind is clear. You must be in a relaxed environment with some privacy.

You do not want your 3 year old niece to walk in on you in the middle of your session.

If you want, you can play some music in the background.

I play DVSN’s album – SEPT 5th it gets me in the mood. 
Hygiene first.

Make sure your hands are washed & clean. Use lube to avoid any discomfort caused by dry friction and besides, the wetter the better.
Don’t limit yourself

I know that the 2 go to places are your C spot and G spot but play with other not so obvious places that will get you quicker to realizing your sensitive spots. Try playing with your nipples, use your imagination and be adventurous – you might even surprise yourself with a nipple orgasm. We are blessed with having more ways to reach our orgasm than men.

Toys – This is my personal favorite, I can’t live without my vibrator. Just make sure that when you buy it, you get a lubricant that is safer to use with it. And unlike a man, its easier to control it’s pace, how hard or soft you like it and when to stop. This will also help you discover how you like your sex. Try and switch up positions as you would when having sex with someone.

Porn – If you need a little bit of motivation, you can watch porn. There are plenty available of women doing the same thing. It will boost your confidence knowing you are not the only one. 

Happy National Masturbation Month – MAY has cum. And so should you (This is some slogan they use) 

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