The British brand Southern Fried Chicken has launched its very first store in South Africa – Cape Town.

With quality and Halaal food at affordable prices this place is not just great for families and business people around the CBD but it’s the perfect spot for young people as well!

Why exactly?

TYI had the opportunity to grab lunch over there and one thing we can say is that the rustic vibe and set up was definitely appealing.

When speaking to franchise owner, Allan Geldenhuys he stated that it took a lot when planning out how they wanted the interior design to be; they didn’t want the “fast food” plastic look or feel and opted instead for the rustic family style aesthetic with wooden furniture pieces that give a nice “homey” feel.

What’s great about it as well, is that the set up was locally manufactured as well.

There’s also free Wi-Fi!

Which is perfect for students who just want to chill but also get some work done; you can officially get your wifi with a side of killer wings.

They will also be implementing digital based payment methods in the next week for those of us that have our phones connected to our hips. Snapscan as well as Zapper is available for quick, easy payment options.

There is also a loyalty card system that’s perfect for students. You can get a card where your parents (if you’re lucky enough to have your parents fund you) can top it up and you can just swipe away and get yourself a snack before or after class.

And lastly, the SPECIALS!

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As a young person you’re always looking at value for money (without spending too much) and so far the specials are too good to pass.

You can get double the food at half the price; like the Friday special for example where you can get 2 quarter chickens with chips for the price of one (R45) and you can choose from 5 varieties of special basting (TAKE THE MANGO AND LIME!)

So split the cost with a friend and you will literally be paying just R22,50 for a full meal!

Friendly staff, great service, super affordable choices and even better food Southern Fried Chicken is a must for a Cape Town foodie to try.

– Zuhaa Isaacs


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