I’m sure you know about top SA bloggers however there are a few interesting facts about these personalities you probably didn’t know…

Best Business Blog:

| Lionesses of Africa |

Melanie Hawkin is the editor and founder of Lionesses of Africa; not only is it a business savvy blog but Lionesses of Africa creates a networking space and community of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs with a network of women that support one another in their business ventures.

Lionesses of Africa feature inspiring African women in respective industries, from food to fashion.

They have featured an IT solutions provider from Nigeria, a food manufacturer in Zambia and African footwear in Ethiopia.

There’s something for everyone!

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A business website which is 100% African and 100% women is so empowering and is a definite must follow on social media.

Top Travel Blogger:

| Chris Rogers |

(Instagram name @chrisrogersza)

With over 50 thousand Instagram followers and close to a 100 thousand views on his Youtube page; Chris Rogers is an adventurous SA millennial who documents his global travels.

Young, creative and fun; definitely one to follow when deciding on your next local/international trip.

What makes him even more amazing and influential?

He’s the co-founder of GDome Global which is a camera that makes underwater adventure capturing super easy and breathtaking.

Top Social Media Make up influencer:

| Rushana Isaacs |

With a huge following on both her Instagram and YouTube, it’s no surprise that this local makeup artist is considered one of the best…

Fun fact: Even though her face seems baked 24/7 on her social media accounts, she actually prefers a bare face above all.

Her reason being that she likes rubbing her eyes too much.

With fun videos, a quirky personality and great makeup skills, it’s obvious why she has such an amazing following.

4. Best African fashion & lifestyle blog:

|The Threaded Man|

With an impressive following and a young, funky aesthetic on Instagram; The Threaded Man is a blog to watch.

There are so many women focused blogs that have attempted to cover male fashion and its surprisingly refreshing to have this practise in SA as well.

Walking into the weekend 🚶🏾New brand editorial with @_s.p.c.c now on www.thethreadedman.co.za

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Even though it’s titled “The Threaded Man”, it has female fashion elements incorporated as well…

So let’s call this a blog that encapsulates a broad audience and caters to all.

I had the opportunity to have a brief chat with Chief Operations Officer – Simbongile Ndlangisa.

He stated that “The Threaded Man” has employed four black…women. (Surprise!) on the permanent team.

Honestly, my first impression was that it was run by males because of the name (of course) and because of how well the content relates to the African millennial man.

Simbongile Ndlangisa says “[that they] managed to transcend the site into a digital content agency that has consulted and worked with brands such as Titan, Vaseline Men, Edgars, SAMA 22, MTV Music Awards 2016 amongst others.”

Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Inspiring Family and Lifestyle Blog:

| Tanya Hindes |

Tanya was born in South Africa, Durban and later in life moved to the UK; she has the blog Cracked Nails & Split Ends which focuses on family and all things lifestyle.

Whether you’re a young mum or a person who’s been a mum forever, this blog’s for you.

It’s family focused but also has fun vlog, lifestyle tips and DIY home decor tips for all you interior loving junkies.

Sweet fact on why she started blogging…

I asked Tanya about her blog and if she had an interesting fact to tell me and I loved her response:

“I started my blog when going through the difficult assessment period with the social services for Summer to come live with us. Summer is my step-granddaughter and was taken into care at 3-weeks old, and we fought to get her out of care and to come live with us – we were given full guardianship and she came to live with us permanently when she was 6-months old. It was a very difficult time, and writing my blog helped me. I quickly fell in love with blogging and it grew from there into a parenting lifestyle blog.”

So, with that said I hope this piece enlightens you all to the different bloggers and blogging categories that are around instead of your usual, well known, basic “fashion” blogger that always appears on your Gram feed.

Happy Blogging!

– Zuhaa Isaacs

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