We’re all guilty of it (myself included) yet it’s hard to be separated from our mobile devices these days. We can’t leave the room without grabbing our “beacon of light” – the cellphone. But sleeping with your phone could potentially harm you in more ways than you think.

Here are our top reasons why you shouldn’t be sleeping with your phone tonight.

1. It emits blue light: 

                                            Blue light that comes from our mobile devices can prevents users from falling asleep. Source: Pinterest/Z Living

The blue light that comes off the screens of our beloved mobile devices. What it does at night is that the blue light keeps the brain awake, inhibiting us from falling asleep or avoid us from reaching sleep level 1 by confusing the retina. It can affect the quality of sleep, messing up our biological clock as the light is first and foremost, artificial light.

2. Waiting for those late night messages and calls: 

                                              Set a time period in the evening to read and respond to text messages and emails. Source: Pinterest/goldbergjones.com

It’s understandable if you’re business-orientated and expect calls, messages and emails at all hours of the evening but fro a regular Joe such as you and me, we shouldn’t be waiting at all. By setting a time period just for responding to emails, messages and phone calls should be enough as you don’t want to be up til 2am the following morning still waiting…

3. We listen to music before bedtime: 

                                                Opt for Bluetooth speakers for late night listening. Source: Pinterest via Tumblr

Now, I admit to doing this every now and then but I can’t help if yoga music puts me to sleep though?! However, sleeping with music still blasting can hamper your sleep patterns. It’s advised to remove your headphones after use or to simply move the phone (and headphones intact) far from you to soften the sounds. A tip would be to consider Bluetooth speakers as you can still access your tunes by not having it blasting directly into your ear.

4. That dreaded radiation factor: 

                                                         Cellphone radiation can cause headaches amongst other symptoms. Source: Pinterest/motherjones.com

Considered the biggest factor and the reason why I don’t keep my mobile device in my jeans pockets or in my bra (why though) is the radiation that emits from these devices.

It’s still contested as to whether you can get cancer from cellphone radiation or not, but this form of radiation can affect your sleep according to researchers. Through these interruptions in our sleep pattern, it can open a can of worms like headaches and migraines, mood swings and slight confusion.

So, here’s to a good night’s rest and remember, the universe is watching.

                                                   Source: GIPHY.com

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